Children, Animals, and the Imago Dei

Two events for children are signs of life and expressions of the imago dei, the image of God, granted to humans. When kids' brains are filled with biodiversity instead of corporate-logo-diversity, they have the chance to think God's thoughts after him. When kids learn to love and train their pit bulldogs, they learn something about wise dominion and stewardship of the Creation.

Georgia Youth Birding Competition

On Friday and Saturday, my boys and their friends competed in the Georgia Youth Birding Competition, in which teams try to spot (or hear) as many different bird species as they can in a 24-hour period. Our team had 80 species, and placed third in the elementary group.

Chicken stock for the soul

Ok, never mind chicken SOUP, even metaphorical soup. I'm talking stock, that liquid essence now reduced to something from a can or a bouillon cube, but which is the stuff of cooks' dreams. In my family, I'm in charge of stock-making, providing the raw material which is the secret reason why Joanna's soups are so good.

Should You Worry about Mercury in Swine Flu Vaccine?

Hint: if you wear a seat belt but also believe that thimerosal preservatives in vaccines cause autism, you may be inconsistent. Pregnant women and small children, and others at risk, should get the vaccine when it is available.

Kids, knives, and creation care

If your eight-year-old doesn't have a pocketknife and know how to use it, you might not be a very good parent. It's a key tool in learning to care for creation and to love nature.