Mapping environmental injustice…

You can now listen to my talk about environmental justice and how it shows up on the landscape, from the Q Conference in Nashville back in April, as it's just been posted as a podcast. The video may be up next week, and I'll update this post with the link. In the talk I referred … Continue reading Mapping environmental injustice…

Science and religion

I posted an entry this week over at Qideas about science and evangelical religion. Columnists are hyperventilating at what they perceive to be the anti-intellectualism of the Republican candidates, and more than a few are drawing conclusions about evangelicals from what they hear. But survey data on attitudes toward science among evangelicals are more encouraging, … Continue reading Science and religion

Haitian earthquake deathtoll may be revised sharply downward

It would be nice to know that less than 316,000 people died in the January 2010 Haitian earthquake. News reports from the AP and the NY Times are suggesting that a new US government-sponsored report will show many fewer Haitian deaths. A US-Commissioned report has said that far fewer than 316,000 people died in the … Continue reading Haitian earthquake deathtoll may be revised sharply downward

Faux-skepticism: Conspiracy theories about science

I keep forgetting to come back here and note things I've been writing elsewhere! Here's a piece on conspiracy theories in science that I've been wanting to write for awhile. One version was published at Q Ideas, and a longer version was published at Biologos. The main point is that an identifier of denialism (what … Continue reading Faux-skepticism: Conspiracy theories about science

The Emerging Environmental Majority

Christina Larson at the Washington Monthly has an article that contains one of the best potted histories of American environmental movements (yes, plural) that I've seen lately. (She also explains why some of us reject the label environmentalist.) She traces the contribution of hunters, anglers, and foresters on the first wave of American environmental policies, … Continue reading The Emerging Environmental Majority

What do Haitians think about God and the Earthquake?

I asked Dr. Gerald Murray, an anthropologist and an expert on Haiti, and a Catholic, to write a blog post for Q Ideas about the religious response of people in Haiti to the earthquake a year ago. I know several American Christians who found their faith in the goodness of God rocked by the tragedy … Continue reading What do Haitians think about God and the Earthquake?

Haiti post-election update

They announced the Haiti election results, and it appears that vote-rigging and fraud landed the establishment candidate a second-place finish, less than 1% over the favored candidate of the Haitian street (carnival singer Michel "Sweet Mickey" Martelly). That means Martelly is out of the runoff, unless something changes. The US Embassy immediately released a press … Continue reading Haiti post-election update