I get invited to lots of "interfaith" events. Most are mislabeled--they aren't really interfaith, they are "multifaith", as Ed Stetzer recently put it.  (I usually start my talks by asking if there are any "interfaith" people there--and there usually isn't anyone.) I suppose people like the word interfaith because it doesn't sound very threatening. It … Continue reading Interfaithism

The Best Climate Book Yet

Well the Copenhagen talks are upon us, and public enthusiasm on global warming has cooled significantly, indicating that the skeptics are right about one thing: much of the recent attention has been driven by media hype, not by informed concern. It is worth continuing to work on a public consensus. So why not start with some Christmas reading?!

Videophilia replacing love of nature

"We are raising a generation of young people whose primary experience with nature is virtual. Real nature is a full sensory experience, with frequent open-ended problem-solving opportunities and no off switch. We should all make outdoor play a priority for our children and ourselves."

Green My Hood

Does caring for the environment always come at the expense of jobs? Is creation care something that must be traded off against people care? My church is tackling that challenge because we care about the beautiful but broken South Atlanta neighborhood we call home.

Stuck in the Middle on Climate

Those on the left sometimes seem to claim unanimity among climate scientists as to the culpability of people for global warming. Those on the right seem to imply there is major controversy about whether people are to blame. Neither view is correct.

The international year of cleaning up poop

There's kind of a global taboo on talking about poop. [You wouldn't know that hanging out at our house, with two boys aged 8 and 5, but it's true.] The reluctance to talk about sewage, latrines, and toilets has put the cause of improving sanitation in the world's poorest countries years behind where it should … Continue reading The international year of cleaning up poop

Location, location, location: Residential choices and Creation Care

Last week NPR’s Morning Edition aired a pair of stories by Elizabeth Shogren, one about a family that moved out to the Atlanta suburbs, and one about a family that moved intown to a “new urban” development....Neither of them created the environment they inhabit; they’re just trying to do their best to live in it.