Chicken stock for the soul

Ok, never mind chicken SOUP, even metaphorical soup. I'm talking stock, that liquid essence now reduced to something from a can or a bouillon cube, but which is the stuff of cooks' dreams. In my family, I'm in charge of stock-making, providing the raw material which is the secret reason why Joanna's soups are so good.

Woe to the Label Makers

When I lived and worked in Washington, DC, I was often the “conservative” in the crowd. Why? Because I owned cowboy boots, read the Bible and voted Republican at times. Now back in small-town Texas, I’m regularly viewed as that “liberal” who wears Birkenstocks (for the arch support), works for “some kind of environmentalist group” and votes Democratic at times. (For the record, I still have the boots, read the Bible and vote Republican in some elections.)

Kids, knives, and creation care

If your eight-year-old doesn't have a pocketknife and know how to use it, you might not be a very good parent. It's a key tool in learning to care for creation and to love nature.

Green My Hood

Does caring for the environment always come at the expense of jobs? Is creation care something that must be traded off against people care? My church is tackling that challenge because we care about the beautiful but broken South Atlanta neighborhood we call home.

Let’s Tend the Garden, 2007, Boise, Idaho

If you’re a pastor, Christian leader, or layperson who wants to learn more about environmental stewardship, and if you aren’t sure where to turn for trustworthy information, this is the conference for you! If you’re already convinced that God wants the church to be the model for care of Creation, and you want practical information … Continue reading Let’s Tend the Garden, 2007, Boise, Idaho

Greening Christian camps

Christian camps are green almost by definition--but they struggle with being good stewards of their facilities just like churches and business do. Here are some resources that might help out.