Haitian earthquake deathtoll may be revised sharply downward

It would be nice to know that less than 316,000 people died in the January 2010 Haitian earthquake. News reports from the AP and the NY Times are suggesting that a new US government-sponsored report will show many fewer Haitian deaths. A US-Commissioned report has said that far fewer than 316,000 people died in the … Continue reading Haitian earthquake deathtoll may be revised sharply downward

The Emerging Environmental Majority

Christina Larson at the Washington Monthly has an article that contains one of the best potted histories of American environmental movements (yes, plural) that I've seen lately. (She also explains why some of us reject the label environmentalist.) She traces the contribution of hunters, anglers, and foresters on the first wave of American environmental policies, … Continue reading The Emerging Environmental Majority

Haiti post-election update

They announced the Haiti election results, and it appears that vote-rigging and fraud landed the establishment candidate a second-place finish, less than 1% over the favored candidate of the Haitian street (carnival singer Michel "Sweet Mickey" Martelly). That means Martelly is out of the runoff, unless something changes. The US Embassy immediately released a press … Continue reading Haiti post-election update

Long hiatus nearly over

As some of you know, I spent the summer with my family in earthquake-stricken Haiti working for a large intergovernmental organization. I'll reflect some on what I did in the coming days. Sorry it's been so long.

Toyotas (and Fords) 600 times more dangerous than media reports

You are over 600 times more likely to die in an automobile fatality in ANY make of car than you are to die from Toyota's flawed acceleration system. Getting in a car is inherently dangerous because of the way we build our cities.

Chicken stock for the soul

Ok, never mind chicken SOUP, even metaphorical soup. I'm talking stock, that liquid essence now reduced to something from a can or a bouillon cube, but which is the stuff of cooks' dreams. In my family, I'm in charge of stock-making, providing the raw material which is the secret reason why Joanna's soups are so good.

Friday is Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day is coming up, in case you forgot: the annual 24-hour moratorium on consumer spending, celebrated by people in over 65 countries, when more and more folks are saving money and avoiding the Christmas shopping crowds. Oh, and it's the Day after Thanksgiving. American Buy Nothing Day is Nov 27 this year, but … Continue reading Friday is Buy Nothing Day