The New Religion of Environmentalism

If people are convicted about their waste, their poor stewardship, their ignorance of the side-effects of their actions, shouldn't we praise God for his grace by which this occurs, and point people to the answer offered by Jesus' life and death on the cross? Awareness of sin is something we can share with the rest of the world; the disorder wreaked on the world by human ignorance is perceptible even to those outside the faith, and we can use this as common ground to communicate the gospel and to work for the common good.

The Best Climate Book Yet

Well the Copenhagen talks are upon us, and public enthusiasm on global warming has cooled significantly, indicating that the skeptics are right about one thing: much of the recent attention has been driven by media hype, not by informed concern. It is worth continuing to work on a public consensus. So why not start with some Christmas reading?!

Christopher Wright on Creation Care

In CT this month, Christopher Wright of John Stott Ministries in the U.S., and author of The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible's Grand Narrative, included the "world of creation" among the dimensions of the whole world that biblical mission must address (Whole Gospel, Whole Church, Whole World | The Global Conversation The world … Continue reading Christopher Wright on Creation Care

“Dominion” means dominion

Journalist G.K. Chesterton once quipped (in Orthodoxy), that original sin was "the only part of Christian theology which can really be proved." Approaching theology, as Karl Barth famously suggested, with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other, certainly finds the hypothesis of total depravity unfalsified. Yet by the end of the … Continue reading “Dominion” means dominion

Hello Houghton College!

For Houghton students, and others, here is a great summary of the basic scriptures and theology of caring for creation, from Creation Care magazine columnist and wildlife biologist Tim Keyes. He wrote in By Faith magazine (the bi-monthly magazine for the Presbyterian Church in America denomination) a great article called "The Earth is the Lord's". … Continue reading Hello Houghton College!

The Earth is the Lord’s

The Lord is God, the mighty God,the great king over all the gods.He holds in his hands the depths of the earthand the highest mountains as well.He made the sea; it belongs to him,the dry land, too, for it was formed by his hands. from Psalm 95