Should You Worry about Mercury in Swine Flu Vaccine?

Hint: if you wear a seat belt but also believe that thimerosal preservatives in vaccines cause autism, you may be inconsistent. Pregnant women and small children, and others at risk, should get the vaccine when it is available.

Global Warming’s Six Americas

Popular American responses seem to veer from cheerleading to condemnation. The American scene is not neatly divided into climate alarmists and climate deniers, according to a recent report called “Global Warming’s Six Americas".

Global warming skeptic at religious right conference apologizes for slanderous charges

On Saturday Cal Beisner, a prominent global warming science skeptic, publicly distanced himself from over-the-top accusations aimed at Christian environmentalists. Before that, he expected to say that Christians who care about climate change were being manipulated by top abortion funders and that coerced abortion will be part of a global warming "final solution."

Gas Taxes with justice

But the fact is, we probably weren’t paying enough for gasoline even at its highest levels, because we weren’t paying the full costs of producing and using it...We would like pollution taxes to work through the substitution effect and not through the income effect. We don’t want our policies to leave households, and especially poor households, holding the bag while we solve pollution problems.

Stuck in the Middle on Climate

Those on the left sometimes seem to claim unanimity among climate scientists as to the culpability of people for global warming. Those on the right seem to imply there is major controversy about whether people are to blame. Neither view is correct.

“Dominion” means dominion

Journalist G.K. Chesterton once quipped (in Orthodoxy), that original sin was "the only part of Christian theology which can really be proved." Approaching theology, as Karl Barth famously suggested, with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other, certainly finds the hypothesis of total depravity unfalsified. Yet by the end of the … Continue reading “Dominion” means dominion

Starting points on Global Warming

A pastor wrote in this week in response to an ESA ePistle post. He had this to say: "Please send me your proof, not theory, on global warming." The best emails are short and to-the-point. I think he must have meant that he wanted proof of human impact on global warming, because no-one really disputes … Continue reading Starting points on Global Warming