Woe to the Label Makers

When I lived and worked in Washington, DC, I was often the “conservative” in the crowd. Why? Because I owned cowboy boots, read the Bible and voted Republican at times. Now back in small-town Texas, I’m regularly viewed as that “liberal” who wears Birkenstocks (for the arch support), works for “some kind of environmentalist group” and votes Democratic at times. (For the record, I still have the boots, read the Bible and vote Republican in some elections.)

Paul Metzger interviews Mike Abbate and Rusty Pritchard

Multnomah Biblical Seminary professor, and Director of the Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins, Paul Metzger, interviews Flourish speakers Michael Abbate (author of Gardening Eden) and Rusty Pritchard (Flourish president) about the relationship between care of creation and lifestyle evangelism.

Moody Primetime America Interview Oct 14 2009

Host Greg Wheatley of Moody Radio's Prime Time America interviews Flourish President and Co-Founder Rusty Pritchard about how the church should respond to environmental issues.

All Creatures Great and Small

Animal welfare is a neglected issue for many creation care advocates. A blind spot perhaps, or an area of carefully-maintained ignorance (as it has been for me). It wasn't so for William Wilberforce. The Christian anti-slavery hero was also one of the co-founders of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He was a clear example of holistic thinking about mercy and justice.

Christopher Wright on Creation Care

In CT this month, Christopher Wright of John Stott Ministries in the U.S., and author of The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible's Grand Narrative, included the "world of creation" among the dimensions of the whole world that biblical mission must address (Whole Gospel, Whole Church, Whole World | The Global Conversation http://bit.ly/4Dnm1G): The world … Continue reading Christopher Wright on Creation Care

Green My Hood

Does caring for the environment always come at the expense of jobs? Is creation care something that must be traded off against people care? My church is tackling that challenge because we care about the beautiful but broken South Atlanta neighborhood we call home.

Fear Not!

A Different Shade of Green(originally published in PRISM magazine, Jan/Feb 08) Fear is a powerful motivator. If you can inspire fear, you can get people to do almost anything. (If you can also inspire loathing, you can get them to do anything.) Evangelicals and environmentalists have a good deal in common. Fear, accompanied by an … Continue reading Fear Not!