Cell phones save lives, help the poor tend the garden better

Cell phones in the developing world will revolutionize rural farm yields, help farmers adapt to climate change, and help them better care for God's creation.

Church ladies fight strip mining instead of strip clubs

The women of LEAF (the Lindquist Environmental Appalachian Fellowship) are among the most informed and eloquent advocates fighting the most destructive form of coal mining threatening eastern Tennessee, mountaintop removal mining.

EPA proposes landmark veto of mountaintop removal mining permit

An EPA willing to flex its muscles on behalf of poor mountaineers whose livelihoods are being destroyed by mountaintop removal mining is a significant change from recent policy. You can't mend mountaintop removal, you have to end it.

How front porches encourage loitering (aka “community”)

Public spaces are endangered in modern American landscapes. How can front-porch culture encourage spiritual loitering in a rat-race world?

Interview: Climatologist weighs in on groundhog science

I asked noted climatologist Katharine Hayhoe to comment on the main atmospheric science question unfolding today. Can we rely on groundhog science when it comes to predicting the weather or the climate?

Walkability, Justice, and Healthy Cities

We have for several generations built our most significant places on the cheap: homes, office buildings, churches, libraries and the infrastructure that connects them, all built on the low bid. faithful communities serving the poor are beginning to ask questions about our responsibility not just to green our lives and our houses, but also to create healthy places that foster community and justice, beachheads of livability and vitality that can begin to spread across the city landscape.