Waterproof Bible arrived

NIV Waterproof Bible

NIV Waterproof Bible

Hot (well, at least still-warm) off the press, my NIV Waterproof Bible was opened today. Flourish friend Bobby Bardin at Bardin & Marsee Publishing sent it a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been on the road nearly non-stop. I’m glad to have it now and start using it. They’ve got a range of waterproof bible products–check out their catalog.

Is it really waterproof? I saw Bobby’s exhibit at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta last week, and he had one sitting under a tabletop fountain half-submerged in a pool of water–toweled off, it was completely undamaged and perfectly usable.

Moreover, the material they use is not only waterproof but tear-resistant, which is great for folks like me whose backpack is not entirely organized, and who might be in a conference room in the morning and on the trail in the afternoon.

The Waterproof Bible is an answer to the prayers of people like me, who enjoy early mornings in a canoe, learning about God from his Word and his world.

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