Ron Sider on Obama’s abortion position

Ron Sider recently sent a letter to Democratic Presidential Candidate Barak Obama on abortion. The entire letter is worth reading:

stand on abortion deeply troubles me. Yes, I know you are a Democrat
and thus, sadly, almost by definition, you must be pro-choice. But do
you need to be one of the most tone-deaf Democrats when it comes to the
painful, divisive issue of abortion?

bothers me greatly that as a state Senator in Illinois, you opposed a
bill (the Born Alive Infants Protection Act) that would have defended
the life of a living baby, outside the womb, that had been aborted but
had somehow survived? (You voted against that legislation twice and, a
third time, prevented the legislation from leaving your committee.) Do
you really think being pro-choice means not caring for a living baby
outside the womb?

you want to build bridges, you must do more to understand and respect
those of us who feel that the present thinking and action on abortion
in America is a moral tragedy. You could at least say clearly and
strongly that abortion is always a moral tragedy. You could at least
say strongly that you want to substantially reduce the number of
abortions while keeping abortion legal. You could insist that being
pro-choice means respecting and protecting the right of pro-life
hospitals and doctors to refuse all involvement in abortion. You could
acknowledge a change of mind on the Illinois legislation. You could
affirm the importance of the family and support legislation making it
illegal to transport minors across state lines for an abortion without
their parents consent. And by all means, do not ask or insist that
those who oppose abortion pay for abortions through your health plan.

Senator Obama, show us clearly that you understand the concerns of
pro-life Americans and want to build bridges to them wherever possible.

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