Evangelicals hold creation care conference

At Rev. Joel Hunter’s Northland Church near Orlando last Thursday, faith leaders called for urgent attention to creation care, climate change, and protection of the poor. Hunter called the meeting to rally the evangelical community in Central Florida, and wound up with a crowd from more than a dozen states and the District of Columbia. He took the opportunity to apologize to environmentalists for the tardiness of the evangelical movement to take up the creation care mantle.

Others noted the recent advances in evangelical engagement on issues like global warming. Richard Cizik, of the National Association of Evangelicals, one of the keynote speakers, was quoted in the Orlando Sentinel as saying "Evangelicals have become the go-to religious community on climate change….The political center of gravity has unmistakably shifted on this issue."

The day-long Creation Care Conference featured other keynote speakers Cal DeWitt of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Tri Robinson of the Boise Vineyard, and Catholic Bishop Thomas Wenski of the Diocese of Orlando. An interfaith dialogue between Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders established connections in how each of the faith traditions addressed creation care.

I was there, doing a workshop on Connecting Families to Creation Care (based largely on our family's experience in inner-city Atlanta and on Richard Louv's book Last Child in the Woods). We also launched the Deepgreen website and t-shirts and hats (sure-fire ways to build a movement).

Accounts of the conference appeared at Orlando Sentinel, Houston Chronicle, the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the Christian Post, and numerous blog sites.

2 thoughts on “Evangelicals hold creation care conference

  1. I recently heard news reports that many Southern Baptist members where coming out to support the AGW movement and stating that Christians have a responsibility to help put a stop to Global Warming. I respect the Biblical standing and doctrines of the Southern Baptists Churches, however, I strongly feel in this case that the folks of the church, driven, it would appear, by the Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative on Climate Change, are making a grave mistake. I have researched the Global Warming matter in great depth for the last 2 years. First and foremost I am a Christian, purchased by the blood of Christ on the cross. I am also a graduate from the Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with a degree in Physics with Astrophysics. The God of heaven has given me a desire to research the claims of the IPCC, governments and advertising that man is at least partly responsible for climate change.
    I have studied this intensely from a scientific and a Biblical point of view, and my findings are that man has never had even the slightest influence on the climate, and that he never will. God fully maintains His climate, by the same means as he has always maintained His climate. I know this is very much against the majority of media coverage, many scientists and basically all political leaders, but you have to remember that as Christians and Creationists, we view the world in a different way. We must view the world through the Bible, and it must set our standard for every belief.
    I recently had opportunity to speak to a local group of Christians on this very topic. The meeting was recorded and full notes are also available. I would be very grateful if you would each take time to read the article, or at the very least to listen to the audio podcast. You can find the full article at the link below.
    You can also go directly to http://www.listooder.com and navigate to Reports > Global Warming. The audio podcast is available in the Downloads section, although you do not need to download it to listen to it.
    I ask again that you take time to look at these things from the perspective of the Word of God before hastily choosing to agree with the global wave of opinion on this matter. The God of Heaven is in full control of His climate, just as He was at the very beginning of time. Satan himself is subtly using this wave of opinion to turn the backs of men against God. I believe we must take steps to ensure that strong evangelical organisations do not find themselves doing the same.
    I sincerely hope before God that you will see the need for Christians to distance ourselves from these things, and it would be my desire to pass this message on to all of the Southern Baptist Chruches and other churches of a similar evangelical stand. If you think that these matters will be of benefit to others, then please feel free to pass it on. If you do not, then obviously I respect that, but I would be very interested to hear why. I think the Scriptures are very clear on this matter.
    “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”
    Regards in Christ.

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