Modern heresies

There’s a Biblical reality missed by some modern Christians: God really did give us dominion over his Creation, and our actions have real consequences. We shouldn’t be surprised to discover, as scientists have, that we can have a profound impact on the climate system. God seems consistent in his creative activity, and He apparently made the planet as responsive to our care (or abuse) as our own bodies are.

We would never pretend that the way we treat our bodies doesn’t matter because "it’s all going to burn". Nor do we believe that our material bodies are immune to harm because somehow God made them inviolable and imperturbable.

But some Christians have been making those kind of claims on behalf of the rest of Creation–they claim that God wouldn’t make the kind of planet that we could harm. Where did that idea come from? It almost harkens back to a Gnosticism completely rejected by the New Testament writers and by the early church fathers. Or worse, it echoes a suggestion that we should "sin more, that grace may abound!" As the apostle Paul said "May it never be!"

Such claims are not only illogical: they are reckless, irresponsible, and dangerous, both materially–since they deafen us to the cries of the global poor who suffer now and in the future from mismanagement of Creation–and spiritually, since they promote a heretical view of Creation. Belief that Creation doesn’t matter, or that we’re powerless to harm it, can only propagate in modernists whose values and worldviews are derived from the mall, the television, and the Internet. Those ideas don’t accord well with the common sense of previous generations, or with the testimony of Scripture.   

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